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Spend Matters launches ESG online panel

Spend Matters

PASA content partner Spend Matters has announced an online panel with locally based Gordon Donovan (Global Market Research Director, Procurement and External Workforce at SAP), Pierre Mitchell (Chief Research Officer and Managing Director at Spend Matters) and Nikhil Gaur (Research Analyst and Project Associate at Spend Matters) to research the actual benefits companies realise from ESG programs – and how they decide what programs to build in the first place.

Research will be released in mid-October in partnership with SAP.

Procurement, sustainability and supply chain professionals were encouraged to weigh in, offer insights and participate in focused peer-level discussion.

The panel kicked off last week with the intention of discussing a wide range of questions across three key areas: the “why”: drivers, the “what” and the “how”: measurement and alignment, and future vision.

Questions will include:

  • What are your main corporate drivers or problems related to ESG? 
  • What active projects are you running (or actively planning this year) to support the corporate ESG agenda and your own objectives? 
  • How do you embed ESG into all procurement activities (e.g. sourcing, supplier management)? 
  • If time, budget and resources weren’t an issue, what would you do for ESG?
  • What are the biggest problems you’d like to see solved in the future?
  • What kind of technology excites you or could be a game changer here?

Pierre Mitchell said on LinkedIn, “This will be really fascinating.”

Meanwhile, Gordon Donovan added, “This should be a fascinating project and a great chance to exchange ideas with other ESG leaders in identifying the non-compliance benefits to an organisation of ESG.”

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