PASA provides a number of resources or services to enable procurement practitioners to build their skills, knowledge and capability. Traditionally through PASA these have primarily been via the PASA Connect peer-to-peer round-tables and PASA Conferences. Both of these, in their different ways, provide excellent, practical, learning and networking opportunities.

To complement these activities, PASA now partners with specific leaders in their fields to provide learning & development programmes, tailored to meet the needs of the modern procurement professional. As a rule PASA only provides training and development programmes where:

  • The course is offered at a premium or more advanced level
  • The subject matter is not readily available through other means
  • The offering addresses skills or capabilities vital to effective procurement
The courses 
Each course is delivered in a participative style – whether ONLINE or LIVE – and incorporates the feedback on learning style preferences from the recent PASA Learning & Development Survey in December 2020.
Well-timed breaks, fun spots, breakout group discussions plus interactive exercises & activities also facilitate a more rewarding learning experience both LIVE and ONLINE. The online courses also utilise zoom-consistent apps like MURAL to enable group work and hands-on learning.
The training programme has been scheduled to largely avoid public holidays and core school holiday times and courses are mainly arranged for mid-week slots. The ONLINE courses are mostly arranged to optimise learning retention through morning sessions and are usually timed to optimise the time-zone spread from Perth to Auckland and in between. Whilst not guaranteed, those courses only scheduled once or twice in the programme will be repeated if demand exists – so do not be shy to express your requirements.
Browse the full programme online at and book early to reserve your spot : we accept cards or can invoice your organisation, yet payment before course is required please