PODCAST: The Current State of Marketing Spend Management

Guest: Kathleen Jordan

Marketing is one of those spend categories that procurement often has a hard time breaking into. They are less concerned with cost than their counterparts in other functions, and most of the services they contract are not only complex, project-based efforts, they are usually evaluated from a highly subjective point of view.

Kathleen Jordan is an Associate Director at Source One, a Corcentric Company, where she has been focused on the marketing category for years. She is familiar with the opportunities in marketing spend as well as the common disconnects that may prevent procurement from bringing marketing spend under management and cost marketing professionals the ability to make their budgets go further.

In this interview, Kathleen shares her point of view with Philip Ideson and Kelly Barner on:

  • Some of the most effective sourcing strategies for marketing spend and which specific categories should be looked at by procurement as good starting points
  • The trends and implications hitting the marketing industry and consumers of B2B marketing services as the world transitions from traditional to fully digital marketing
  • Tips and best practices procurement can use to bridge gaps in understanding or priorities between their team and their marketing colleagues

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