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PODCAST: Don’t go it alone with digital procurement

Procurement teams often struggle to connect their business case for S2P and the systems-related work and change required to deliver ROI. 

Platforms are chosen for the wrong reasons, system administrators turn over, catalogue setup work becomes a secondary priority, and hastily made configuration choices add friction over time.

This episode of the Art of Procurement Podcast is based on an AOP Live webinar titled “Digital Procurement Is Not Easy: Don’t Go It Alone.” Host Philip Ideson was joined by Anthony Mignogna and Claire Sexton from Corcentric who shared their advice for getting the most out of a source to pay technology investment.

Listen to Anthony and Claire answer questions on implementation-related topics such as:

  • How to strengthen the connection between your S2P business case and your S2P business benefits
  • Why post go-live maintenance and configuration will either enable or prevent continuous improvement
  • How managed services can help procurement seize the upside 

“‘Go live’ is not a business outcome. Because there is a lack of clarity as to what the target business outcome is, the buying process turns into ‘here’s a list of all the features I may want to use.’ Whoever has the most features seems to give you the biggest strike zone for success – but it can be counterintuitive, adding more steps to the workflow when you’re trying to be more efficient,” Anthony says.

Listen to the Art of Procurement Podcast.

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