PODCAST: Apply an athlete’s mindset to procurement

Professional athletes represent the top 1% in their sport. While talent will take an athlete a long way, the key differentiator between those that reach the top and those who come close is mindset: the ‘athlete’s mindset.’ This powerful but intangible way of thinking makes it possible to achieve seemingly insurmountable goals – no matter what arena you compete in.

In this Art of Procurement episode, the final session of Mastermind LIVE 2022 is shared where host Philip Ideson was joined on the virtual stage by Lou Alexander, a former NFL and Division 1 football player who now works with procurement teams daily as part of his role at ProcurementIQ.

Hear how the determination required to build an athlete’s mindset is critical for anyone who wants to embark on their own journey to 10X the impact of procurement:

  • Why the most important thing a leader may do is stop talking and start listening
  • How procurement professionals and teams can redefine what is means to be successful

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