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Modern Slavery Act: Seven Tips to refocus your policy

The COVID-19 pandemic put many initiatives on hold, including adherence to new legislation.

The Federal Government’s Modern Slavery legislation has now been joined with NSW’s own long awaited Modern Slavery Bill and the introduction of the federal Forced Labour Bill, which means ethical procurement initiatives are back in focus. Key reporting requirements for procurement businesses include evidence of a policy and identification of modern slavery risks.

Now is the time to understand your requirements. To make this process simple, we’ve designed a practical guide with seven key steps to get traction on your modern slavery commitments, particularly after COVID-19.

This guide covers in-depth steps and practical guidance including:

  • Your direct spend items – looking at your direct supply chain which can bring significant reputational risk if highlighted negatively.
  • Your most likely risk areas – how to identify these and potential risks.
  • Establishing comparable data sources – understanding how to track your entire supply chain for the larger picture.
  • Tips to get your primary suppliers on board – ensuring your entire list of suppliers are on board to identify and address supply risks.
  • How to ensure your stakeholders are all onside – aligning your modern slavery approach to your corporate strategy while meeting stakeholder needs and unifying your approach,
  • Steps to implement your strategy – an on-the-ground approach including visits, checklists and onsite understanding.

Are you ready to take the next step for your business and implement your modern slavery strategy? Download the complimentary guide now – 7 Tips to get Traction on your MODERN SLAVERY commitments – immediately after COVID.

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