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Download your guide: Get traction on your modern slavery commitments

Your organisation could benefit from these seven tips to get traction on your modern slavery commitments. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic halting many new initiatives for organisations around the region, it’s now time for many to refocus on your mandatory commitments as a procurement team.

Pre-COVID, the procurement industry was readily embracing a wide range of sustainable procurement initiatives including mandatory ethical sourcing  legislation such as the Modern Slavery Act. This Federal Legislation has been joined with NSW’s recent long-awaited Bill and the new federal Forced Labour Bill. Now is the time to review your commitments and adjust them for the future perhaps. 

Whilst this additional new legislation may seem overwhelming, however, we have created a practical guide covering seven key tips to help you get traction on your modern slavery commitments after COVID-19.

PASA has released its Seven Tips to get Traction on modern slavery commitments.

This free, downloadable guide will include:

  • Examples of potential risks in your supply chain
  • How you can address likely risk areas
  • Some tools to compare data sources and gain a full picture of your supply chain
  • Tips to get your primary suppliers and all stakeholders on board, including ways to align your corporate strategy to your commitments
  • On-the-ground steps to ensure complete adherence, including resources to assist your stakeholders and suppliers.

If your business is eager to move forward on ethical procurement efforts and modern slavery requirements post COVID, you can access this complimentary guide now. – “7 Tips to get Traction on your MODERN SLAVERY commitments”

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