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Art of Procurement launches special podcast series on AI-empowered procurement

AI Procurement

Art of Procurement has launched a new four-part podcast series in partnership with LavenirAI examining emerging technologies like AI and how they are changing the landscape of procurement execution and strategy, from new opportunities to deliver value and new ways of working through to communicating and collaborating.

The podcast explores how procurement can prepare for the changes that lie ahead while adapting to the changes that are already here, with the first episode titled ‘Survival of the Fittest: Entering the Procurement Metaverse’.

Over the course of the series, Clive R. Heal, Founder and CEO and Bill Michels, Chief Commercial Officer both from LavenirAI join Philip Ideson to share their perspectives on:

  • Understanding the ‘procurement metaverse’
  • Procurement’s value proposition in an AI-powered world
  • Automation as the answer to procurement’s data problems
  • The future of AI in procurement

Listen to the first episode in the series here.

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