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Your input is needed: WorldCC launches Most Negotiated Terms Survey 2024

Most Negotiated

World Commerce & Contracting (WorldCC) has launched its popular Most Negotiated Terms Survey to discover 2024’s key trends in negotiation – and your input is required.

For more than 20 years, this respected survey has gathered the most negotiated and most important contract terms, with the results utilised by practitioners, academics and law firms to plan, strategise and educate.

With input representing more than 8,000 negotiators, the Most Negotiated Terms Report provides insight into how the focus varies between industries and geographies.

This year, it also delves into the challenges and opportunities that come from big business to small business relationships.

Why participate?

Help to shape the future of negotiations with your insights directly impacting the report’s findings, providing valuable data points that can influence negotiation strategies and practices across industries and geographies.

Gain a competitive edge as you will receive exclusive early access to the report’s findings, giving you a head start on understanding the latest trends and hottest negotiation terms. This knowledge can assist with prioritising key areas and negotiating with confidence.

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