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When was the last time you had a ‘light-bulb moment’?

“A moment of sudden inspiration, revelation, or recognition.”

Collins English Dictionary.

‘Light-bulb moments’ have been mentioned frequently in recent times in relation to PASA Connect round-tables. These have come either from the individuals who experienced them:

“The session was fantastic and would be great if there was another as there is so much to delve into. I got some great insights and the group expressed how much they valued the round table. A big thank you to Tony and Albert who provided many light-bulb moments during the session.”

(A senior procurement professional after attending a recent Facilities Round-table)

Or from external experts, such as Shane Lamont from Grosvenor Performance Group who, after chairing a round-table on the ‘changing role of procurement’, commented that there were a few participants who had ‘light-bulb moments’ during the session. This was supported by the CPO of one of the members in question, who confirmed to me that the attendee from her organisation had come back from the round-table with a completely new outlook on his role and the value he could bring to the organisation.

So where do you get your ‘light-bulb moments’?

To find out more about how PASA Connect can enable you and your team to experience ‘light-bulb moments’ please contact me as per below:

Nigel Wardropper
E. nigelw@pasa.net.au

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