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What Does It Take To Address Modern Slavery Through Procurement?

With some organisations already well into their first Modern Slavery Act reporting period and others
embarking on theirs this January, many organisations are looking towards collaboration to tackle this
global human rights issue.

A prime example is Asia Pacific’s Energy Procurement Supply Association (EPSA) who, along with
Action Sustainability, have published a white paper on understanding and addressing the moral and
business challenges facing their industry in respecting human rights in their supply chains.

The publication titled ‘Respecting Human Rights in our Supply Chains’ is a practical guidance
document. It provides resources and tips for organisations to build the internal business case to
proactively address human rights, along with key implementation principles, tools and multiple case
studies to practically manage human rights in supply chains.

EPSA developed this publication to help their industry procurement and supply chain community to
address the challenges throughout their procurement practices. The publication acknowledges that
human rights issues cannot be solved in isolation and concludes with a call to action for EPSA
members to share experiences and join efforts with other like-minded energy procurement
professionals to tackle these challenges.

Respecting Human Rights was co-published with EPSA, the Energy Procurement Supply Association. Download here

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