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Top 5 COVID-19 Consumer Trends

Although COVID-19 has seen a lot of businesses struggle to stay afloat due to restrictions and lockdowns, a few industries have had their sales increase 10-fold due to the extreme shift in our way of life. Freight forwarding company Verus Global hasn’t slowed down in shipping goods from oversees and has seen an increase in certain goods that weren’t as common before COVID-19. These insights have shown clear consumer trends amid COVID-19, some extremely unexpected while others predictable. Jackson Meyer, CEO of Verus Global and Award-winning entrepreneur, shares his most interesting consumer trend observations during COVID-times:

1. Redecorating

Australians have been utilising this time at home to redecorate. Verus has seen a large increase of furniture stock making its way to Australia, so much so that some furniture clients have run out of stock and reported large back orders. Australians are spending more time at home than ever before; it’s clear people are realising the importance of an enjoyable and comfortable living space.

2. Getting creative

Inbound stock of art supplies and DIY project supplies have skyrocketed in the last few months. Many Australians are finding extra time for themselves as a result of COVID-19, extra time to reignite that creative spark or learn a new artistic skill.

3. Supporting local businesses while abiding by the rules

Verus has seen the orders for take-away and food delivery packaging increasing substantially. Food boxes, napkins, and cutlery have all seen a massive increase in sales unlike ever before. Clearly Australians are getting takeout more than ever before, abiding by regulations and not eating out as they were before, while still supporting local businesses.

4. Working from Home

It’s no surprise that with the increase of Australians Working from home there has been a massive increase of stationary orders incoming from oversees. Verus has seen orders of pens, paper and notebooks surge by an unprecedented rate.

5. Staying clean

Predictably, the amount of ethanol and hand sanitiser coming into Australia is unlike anything Verus has ever seen before. Australian’s are certainly keeping clean and sanitised.

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