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Spend Matters announces new webinar on Shaping the Future of Procurement


PASA content partner Spend Matters has announced a new webinar from its analyst team on ‘Shaping the Future of Procurement: An Inside Look at the 10th Annual Spend Matters 50/50 Lists’, which will take place on Tuesday, 31st October at 11am EST (Wednesday, 1st November at 1am AEST).

Each year, the 50/50 and Future 5 lists include 105 vendors, with the lists representing the best-in-class solutions that the industry needs to know about, the up-and-coming firms to keep an eye on, and a few that are just starting but have already made their potential impact evident.

“This year’s lists are the first to feature a numerical scoring scale to quantify factors previously considered ‘soft’ as the first step in the analyst selection process,” said Nikhil Gaur, Research Analyst.

“In conjunction with criteria added in previous years such as mindshare in the market and customer reference requirements, the process behind these lists has become more programmatic and objective. The market can be confident that the providers chosen for these lists are truly the most impressive in the industry.”

The webinar discussion will ask:

  • What are the boundaries that relative newcomers are pushing and how are they doing it?
  • How did the leading providers continue to raise the industry standard?
  • What is the environment that informs the impressiveness of a procurement technology start-up?

Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear the analyst team’s thoughts on what technologies will help a practitioner’s procurement department become more efficient. The conversation will give specific attention to:

  • The rise of intake management
  • The impact of generative AI on the market
  • The ongoing debate between purchasing a suite, a point solution or a layering of the two

This is a great opportunity to learn what is shaping the future of procurement.

Register your interest here.

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