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SAP’s Procurement Talent Strategies to Lead Through the Polycrisis

Saps Procurement Talent Strategies

Procurement leaders face numerous challenges in today’s polycrisis era, including supply chain disruption, inflation, energy crises, and geopolitical turbulence. 

The polycrisis has created “a once-in-a-generation – or even once-in-100-years – opportunity” to question some of today’s working environments, says SAP.

SAP’s Etosha Thurman chief marketing and solutions officer for Intelligent Spend and Business Network at SAP says procurement leaders should prioritise retaining and attracting talent. 

“Being able to nurture existing talent, being able to upskill existing talent, being able to recruit young talent to the procurement function – these are all top concerns,” Etosha says about concerns from procurement leaders surveyed by SAP.

“And not just in procurement: logistics is another area where we’re seeing increased demand for that skill set but where we do not have the capacity or enough capability in our current organizations, especially not to meet the demand that continues to build.”

Etosha said today’s workforce “must be viewed holistically” to include the growing practice of including more external resources,

“In the most forward-thinking companies I have seen, the CHRO and CPO have a collaborative relationship,” Etosha says. She said these relations are built on building a total workforce strategy together looking at full-time capabilities, recruitment, training and skills capabilities. 

Eotsa said agility is essential for procurement teams to adapt and fulfill the evolving role, strengthening capabilities and accessing crucial skill sets. 

Agile being fused into procurement processes includes using agile methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban in procurement processes. Projects can be broken down into smaller, manageable tasks, and use iterative approaches to deliver incremental value. This enables quicker responses to changing requirements and priorities.

“In this age of uncertainty, procurement responsibilities have increased and are even more in the spotlight. Upskilling procurement talent is a vital part of being more effective and meeting the growing expectations of business stakeholders,” Etosga said. 

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