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20th & 21st March | Online

ProcureTECH ‘24.

The largest independent eProcurement conference in the ANZ region

ProcureTECH 2024.

ProcureTECH is this region’s largest independent event specifically focussed on eProcurement technologies that directly enable and assist the procurement function.




20th & 21st March

Event Overview.

The strategic drivers for investing in eProcurement technology and digital transformation have broadened enormously since the pandemic ended, and this event will address many of these.

Providers got the message that technology often let procurement down during Covid and they have been working hard to fix this and align to new needs including: 

  • Streamlining the USER experience & bring options to USERS to buy
  • Reducing corporate risk yet increasing corporate compliance
  • Building new functionality to enable ESG decision making
  • Improving inbound supply chain visibility

And, now, since November 2022, there is A.I. and ChatGPT – how are these tools affecting procurement both now and in future? This will be a theme of the programme.

Ultimately, too, procurement has to get better at making its business case. As Gartner revealed last year at ProcureTECH’23, some 49% of business cases for new software for procurement fail completely, 34% are amended/reduced, and just 17% are approved as presented. Why?

Moreover, procurement workload is rising at over 11% per annum according to The Hackett Group survey in 2023, yet procurement FTEs rising at only 3 or 4%, the 8% workload gap is set to be filled by eProcurement technology forecast to rise by 5.3% by THG. How?

Buyers Can Attend Free.

The PASA ProcureTECH event has always run, both LIVE and ONLINE, through the ‘hosted buyer’ model, whereby bona fide buyers and procurement practitioners can attend this event free of charge.

In order to qualify for the hosted buyer programme, genuine procurement delegates must commit to conducting a minimum of four pre-scheduled meetings on behalf of their organisation for up to 30 minutes only with participating technology suppliers. This allows you to quickly ‘screen’ vendors for suitability with minimum effort or buy-side resources. Or as one CPO said, “ProcureTECH allows you to do two months window shopping in two days.”

These pre-scheduled meetings will be conducted while the main conference programme is in progress, meaning that hosted buyers must elect to opt out of around two of the eight scheduled speaking sessions on the KEY NOTE programme.

And some BUYERS bring more than one team member to enable them to cover all aspects of the event simultaneously and still attend all plenary sessions. Any one organisation may only claim a maximum of THREE hosted buyer tickets under the model. Those wishing to  opt-out of the ‘hosted buyer’ facility can pay the retail cost of a delegate ticket to attend the event instead.



Registration Open for networking


Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, PASA


‘Live from Chicago, USA’

The range of new challenges facing the eProcurement landscape in 2024 includes Intake, orchestration, generative AI, and more!  We’re not in “suite vs. best of breed” land anymore.

Join Pierre Mitchell, Spend Matters Chief Research Officer, for a comprehensive guide to trends in the global procurement technology market.

North American-based Spend Matters is a market intelligence firm that powers critical technology, product, marketing and investment decisions for buyers, solution providers, consultants and investors in procurement, finance and supply chain.

Spend Matters is a media content partner with PASA, sharing relevant news and insights with the PASA community. 

Pierre Mitchell, Head of Research, and IP Development, Spend Matters


LIVE from Florida, USA  

Last year, The Hackett Group survey 2023 revealed that procurement managers intended to plug their resources gaps, between their rising workload and more slowly rising headcounts, with technology, and the figures were startling – more than a 5% growth.

What will the 2024 survey reveal about the way global CPOs, as well as local ANZ CPO’s, intent to use technology in 2024?

Chris Sawchuk, LEAD – Global Procurement Practice, The Hackett Group,


Morning Refreshment Break for networking


Last year, Gartner research from 2022 revealed that only 17% of procurement technology business case applications for funding succeed.

Yet new Gartner research suggests that procurement’s goals are more closely aligned to corporate objectives than ever. This should be a great opportunity to get supply-side technology investments approved.

Leading procurement functions in 2024 will find that optimizing their category strategies, maximizing supplier relationships and simplifying data & analytics are essential.

This session will provide an overview of the emerging technologies that enable each of these objectives.

Jeremy Suter, Director – Advisory, Gartner

Meeting 1



Meeting 2


Meeting 3



The first hurdle in any procurement digital transformation programme is to build and win the business case.

Thereafter, the work only gets harder – encapsulating people, process and technology pillars that transform supply-side management and its outcomes. By far the most difficult element is the people and change management challenge.

Understand the inputs and the outputs from one procurement team that had been through the process and thrived.

Andy Bee, Group Procurement Manager, Australian Unity

Meeting 1



Opportunity to meet those solutions providers with whom you have not made scheduled appointments


Meeting 4

1.00- 1.30pm


Meeting 5

1.30 – 2.00pm


Meeting 6

2.00– 2.30pm

Meeting 7

2.30 – 3.00pm


Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO at PASA


Further time to check out what else is on show


Registration & Networking time on the REMO virtual conferencing platform


Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, PASA


LIVE from the UK

Only ten years ago we counted around 260 software vendors actively promoting procurement software solutions to the ANZ market …

Specialist international procurement tech website ProcurementSoftware.site has a live, free, accessible directory of over 415 active procurement software vendors. More detailed searches and filters are accessible by subscription.

BUT how can you see through the marketing spin of solution providers? As a humble procurement leader gifted the role of selecting and implement the “new system”, what are the 10 most important factors to look out for?

We’ll look at why reviews and “best of” lists are useless; why “best practices” are usually 3 years out-of-date; and why thinking for yourself is mandatory for innovative, progressive procurement leaders.

James Meads, Founder – ProcurementSoftware.site, James Meads Media & Consulting Ltd – UK

Meeting 8

9.00- 9.20am

Meeting 9

9.20 – 9.40am


LIVE from Florida, USA

When procurement gets pushback from the business, it often comes down to the notion that the procurement sourcing process takes longer than if the IT team did it themselves – especially for SaaS.

Art of Procurement and Productiv decided to find out for sure whether this is true or false? Which process owner is best positioned to source SaaS spend quickly, cost effectively, and with the right outcomes in mind, and why?

The data we gathered suggests that procurement is long overdue for a big “l told you so!”

In this session, AOP Founder and Managing Director Philip Ideson will share the results of this new 2023 research and what it means for procurement in the fast-growing ITC spend category.

Phillip Ideson, Founder & CEO, The Art of Procurement PODCAST – USA

Meeting 10

9.40 – 10.15am


Refreshment Break for networking & general viewing


Meeting 11

10.45 -11.15am


Live from Wellington, New Zealand

AI is set to revolutionise almost everything – and procurement professionals can benefit too! Deployed by LavenirAI for negotiation training – teams can take a course with a digital mentor, set a negotiation strategy using their case studies and test your negotiation skills against sales avatars with different personalities to gain feedback on their performance, anytime, anywhere.

Sarah COTGREAVE FCIPS MBA MINTR MRSNZ is a practitioner, trainer and thought-leader in procurement. She is VP APAC Sales for LavenirAI and Director of Globaltraid.

Meeting 12

11.15 – 11.45am


Meeting 13

11.45 – 12.15pm


Opportunity to meet those solutions providers with whom you have not made scheduled appointments


Effective Procurement Managers have to be effective Project Managers – but tend to work in an alternate landscape of contracts and suppliers as opposed to programs and portfolios.

How can modern project management tools be upgraded to fit into your procurement process?

Strong Portfolio & Project Management solutions have been available on a low-cost Microsoft Power Platform for years.

But now, exciting new ways of tracking procurement projects, team resources, delivered benefits and prioritising team workloads are available in easy to use solutions.

Learn how to apply effective project management tools to your procurement team and automate your reporting at the same time –

Rory Clarke, Lead Spend Analyst & Solution Architect, Pareto Toolbox

Meeting 14

1245 – 1.15pm


Meeting 15

1.15– 1.45pm


November 2023 marks the one-year anniversary of ChatGPT, the AI system designed to generate natural language conversations.

Many in on the sales side have already begun trying this technology and are looking to take advantage of the exciting advancements in generative AI.

What impact will this have on procurement in the immediate future?

AutogenAI was only launched 10 months ago and is quickly becoming a primary tool for answering tenders. It is a powerful tool that can help sales teams streamline their response to RFTs, enabling them to act with speed and accuracy.

Have you already received a tender written by AI? Will you soon do you think? Why not watch a LIVE demo of one here –

Emma Crichton is the CEO of AutogenAI APAC based in Australia, a Company that provides competitive generative AI-driven solutions for businesses

Meeting 16

1.45 – 2.15pm


A hasty checklist of the 15 ways that A.I. could be effectively applied in a busy procurement office right here, right now, in 2024, in your procurement office

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO at PASA


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What our sponsors say.

The PASA conference was the best conference I had attended in many years – many practical advice and applications that my team and I can put to use straight away, a great investment of our time.

Procurement Professional

It was great to hear a wide range of presentations from a diverse mix of speakers, especially in person.

Procurement Professional 

I very much enjoyed the depth and variety of skills experience of the presenters.

Procurement Professional

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