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Procurement legislation moves forward in the UK

Procurement legislation moves forward in the UK

New procurement legislation, which the UK Government claims will make it easier for small businesses (SMEs) to win more £300 billion of government services and work, is out for public comment. 

The Bill would consolidate the current four sets of regulations, which transpose EU Directives into UK law, into a single regime, the UK government says. 

The Bill’s second reading in the UK House of Commons took place on Monday 9 January 2023.

“We are making public sector procurement simpler, more transparent and easier to navigate,” Minister for the Cabinet Office Jeremy Quin said.

“This Bill will seize the opportunity presented by Brexit to rip up outdated rules, increase opportunities for smaller companies and deliver better value for public money.”

The Government says provisions in the Bill will “lift barriers for small businesses” including: 

  • pipelines of upcoming work
  • a central platform showing future work in each area
  • a single sign-on website to register on for the bidding process. rather than the multiple and time consuming systems SMEs currently have to register on before bidding for work
  • a new “Competitive Flexible procedure”, allowing contractors to design more innovation into the process, benefiting smaller tech startups
  • 30-day payment times for suppliers

Submissions are open until 23 February. 

UK Labour has slammed the Bill, saying it will legalise a “VIP lane” through a “charter for cronies.” 

Labour claims £3.7bn has gone to Tory donors and affiliates since the Covid pandemic began.

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