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Podcast: Meeting supply chain volatility with agility and resilience

New Podcast

In a new episode of the Art of Procurement Podcast, host Philip Ideson is joined by Frank McKay, chief supply chain & procurement officer at Jabil, to discuss Jabil’s recent 2023 Supply Chain Survey.

Conducted in collaboration with SIS International Research, the results pinpointed topics such as cost reduction, customer satisfaction, communication and visibility as some of procurement’s most prominent challenges.

In addition to sharing his own experiences as a practitioner for over 25 years, McKay also discusses his perspective on the evolving role of procurement, including how to reduce supply chain operational cost and why chief supply chain officers should be adjusting their strategies in response to rapidly shifting global supply chain dynamics and volatility.

“You have to make investments in your supplier network if you want to be successful. The old days of ‘I have to win and you have to lose’ are gone. We are so transparent. We are using technology. Relationships are key,” said McKay.

The episode also includes:

  • How procurement should be integrating AI and machine learning technologies into processes to elevate their function and drive greater impact 
  • The complex nature of managing global supply chains and how to meet these challenges
  • How procurement can help build more resilient supply chains that can adapt to geopolitical tensions, market volatility and rapid technological advancements

Listen to the podcast here or find it on Spotify.

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