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PODCAST: Embracing the Power of “Good” Conflict

Guest: Jason Cammorata, Vice President, Strategic Sourcing, MDC Partners

No one wants conflict for its own sake, but it can actually be an important factor in personal or organizational growth and decision making. Rather than shying away from conflict, especially in a professional context, procurement professionals need to start embracing it as proof of diverse thought and opportunities to practice empathy.

That is the point of view espoused by Jason Cammorata, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing at MDC Partners, and one that he is quite passionate about. Is this podcast, Jason shares his advice about how procurement can approach “good” conflict – a dynamic that usually stems from multiple people with different ideas but equally good intentions.

The procurement team at MDC Partners faces a unique challenge. They are an “umbrella” company with 55 brands in marketing that provide services such as public relations, creative, digital, advertising and production. Their decentralized corporate model is largely brand-driven, so Jason regularly has to sell the benefits of procurement internally. That conversation usually starts with introductions and explanations and quickly advances to discover what the brand needs and how procurement can support them.

In this podcast, Jason answers questions such as:

• What is more important: technical skills or personal skills?
• When should procurement be firm (but nice) about frameworks and processes, and when should we be flexible?
• Does procurement face a unique set of challenges today, or are we battling the same issues as all other functions?
• What does relationship-driven procurement look like, and what are the benefits of investing in that approach?

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