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Free PASA Connect session highlight: Power BI for Tender Evaluation and Spend Analysis.

This short 9 minute sneak peak is taken from a recent PASA Connect session: Power BI for Tender Evaluation and Spend Analysis facilitated by Rory Clarke, Business Intelligence Lead for Pareto Toolbox

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About the session.

The possibilities with the latest Business Intelligence tools are almost endless and the speed to value with these new desktop tools can surprise and delight you – especially MICROSOFT POWER BI which is free with most Microsoft Office licences. 

Harness the power of effective data visualisation, understand the fundamentals and techniques required to build a Power BI Dashboard for RFP/RFQ process.

  • How an interactive picture is worth more than 1,000 words and provide insights.
  • What the components of good data visualisation look like?
  • How this can be used strategically to gain buy-in with stakeholders and be a tool for round two negotiations?

This session is led by an expert BI analyst.  A must for every spend analyst, both full-time and part-time.

Your expert facilitator.

Rory Clarke, Business Intelligence Lead for Pareto Toolbox.  Rory is a Power BI Expert responsible for producing many different dashboards.

For his Key Clients, he has:

  • Produced Spend Cubes and other spend analysis dashboards
  • Developed Category Dashboards for freight, travel, electricity, MFDs, etc
  • Conducted RFP response analysis and modelling including supplier mix optimisation and scenario modelling
  • Performed benefits tracking and reporting
  • Integrated SQL Server & Dynamics  to Power BI

View the full 45 minute session

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