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As everyone is now well into their stride in 2021, and we all start working past the Covid lockdowns and their dramatic consequences, I hoped it’d be useful to highlight what we are doing at PASA to help you this year:

All our activities are geared towards helping those in our professional procurement community to do a better job – to improve their procurement practice, if you will.

All our activities are aligned to the needs of busy procurement teams post-covid as we see them from the many interactions with you through our Round-tables and events. We summarised some of these in our white-paper “The 7 Challenges facing Procurement post-Covid” Also we learn through our own surveys as well as others research: Our L&D survey last December revealed much and you can read the headlines here and our subsequent white-paper on L&D needs in procurement post-Covid here.

This year PASA will align, develop and deliver :

  • At least 12 PASA CONFERENCES – five of which will be LIVE in the second-half of this year, seven of which will be ONLINE through our REMO platform: the PASA conference programme in full is here and includes:
  • ProcureTECH ONLINE (24-25 March),
  • 5 x one-day Category Events ONLINE covering, IT, Energy, Property & FM, Medical Products/PPE, MRO and Fleet (March through September)
  • The Procurement Managers’ Summit ONLINE (9-10 June)
  • The PASA 8th Annual PremConfex including the annual PASA Awards showcase (13-14 Oct) in Melbourne

… simply check the website to REGISTER to attend free of charge as a bona fide procurement professional

Up to 100 PASA CONNECT Round-tables – each aligned to the needs of almost 70 busy procurement teams in 2021; focussing on issues, topics, categories and individual training needs. You can join up your entire team for 12 months cheaply

Over 30 PASA TRAINING Courses – each a premium course with top-grade trainers offering both ONLINE and LIVE training options covering 15 subjects directly aligned to procurement needs post-Covid

Numerous FOCUS newsletters, webinars, articles, white-papers and content-sharing – all offered through our websites on an ongoing basis and free of charge; it is easy to sign-up for FREE .

Finally, our PASA AGILE training, coaching and consulting business has never been busier www.pasaagile.com – with several agile procurement coaching & consulting assignments ongoing, the 7 LAP alumni agile meet-ups this year, and a full calendar of Lean Agile Procurement training courses this year with Mirko Kleiner and Marcus Ward including : LAP1 (starts 29th March then at least 3 more courses during 2021) plus the new LAP2 course and ‘SCRUM for Procurement’ workshops.

As you know, Nigel (Wardropper) spent 21 years building the PASA brand and what a legacy he has left us – a legacy which his wife, Lesley, as the owner of PASA, is committed to continuing. After nearly three months in the role as CEO at PASA, I can honestly say I have never been busier – the range and breadth of our activity programme belies a small organisation.

Thank you for your ongoing support of PASA, an organisation that is 21 years young and still growing as we face one of our busiest years ever. If you have any needs, ideas or suggestions for us, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly or any of the PASA Team.

Of course, if you do not wish to subscribe to PASA emails any more please follow the unsubscribe process below: We’d be sorry to see you go, but will respect that, as we always respect private data

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