PASA CEO on the 2023 program built on how procurement can add “real value”

PASA CEO Jonathan Dutton recaps the last 12 months and looks ahead to what’s in store for 2023 with our packed procurement calendar and events in seven major cities throughout Australasia.

Thank you for all your support of PASA throughout 2022. 

Whether you were part of our conferences and events, live or online, as an attendee at one of our workshops, a valued PASA Connect member, or simply a subscriber to our content stream and our weekly procurement PASA e-news each Tuesday.

 PASA In 2022

It was a delight in 2022 to finally get back to live events in person and see the back of the pandemic. We proudly hosted eight live PASA events since the end of May, plus four main online events as well. People thoroughly enjoyed getting back to events face-to-face in the room and benefitting from real interactions, the in-person networking and the chance to engage with our sponsors as well as each other. 

In fact, all of our events were sold out this year, as we filled rooms to capacity with sponsors and delegates. And a new energy in the room, combined with contemporary content, gave every event a great vibe.

Procurement in 2023

Yet with the pandemic largely behind us, the challenges facing procurement have not gone away – far from it. As we covered in the theming for our events, the growing demands of ESG, supply chain bottlenecks and the clear challenges of de-globalisation present us with a real question:

What is the future of global sourcing from the tip of the global supply chain in Australia and New Zealand, when the world is breaking back into trading blocs?

In addition, the real threat of inflation, and ‘cost-plus’ inflation at that, stood in front of us with its hands on its hips.

How to make savings is a real problem with inflation soaring past 7% in many countries, the point mathematically at which relative cost doubles inside 10 years. Are our teams equipped to manage the effects of inflation on our organisations, and mitigate the effects of a possible recession next year?

More importantly, perhaps, how can procurement add real value when it cannot make cash savings? This is a core theme for our events in the first half of 2023.

PASA’s 2023 programme

Designed specifically to help you, PASA will offer 14 main events in 7 cities during 2023, including all the mainstay events that you have come to know and respect. Interestingly, our data suggests you all have your favourite events – with 80% of attendees at our conferences being largely unique to that event.

PASA also has a new online event in 2023 ‘Category Week’ at the end of July, which will offer ‘deep-dives’ in 10 leading indirect categories each morning or afternoon throughout the week of 24 July.

We will also host our highly successful PASA Connect Big Breakfasts in three new cities throughout the winter of 2023. These are Canberra 25 May, Sydney 1 June and Melbourne 8 June, in addition to Adelaide 27 April, Perth 10 August, Brisbane 22 August and Auckland 31 August.

Our other main events include ProcureTECH’23 online 27-28 March, Health and Aged Care Procurement Live in Sydney 10-11 May, BTTB Travel 13-14 September and the annual Premier ConfeX with The Nigels Excellence in Procurement Awards live in Melbourne on 18-19 October.

PASA Connect

We also have our vibrant PASA Connect programme, which set new attendance records throughout this year, with almost 60 ‘live’ one-hour roundtable sessions online almost every week facilitated by expert hosts.

PASA Connect offers powerful presentations and Q&A discussions on almost every topic facing busy procurement teams. The programme for 2023 is already developed with final touches being made.

You can join PASA Connect any time, with 12-month subscriptions offering free access for your whole team to every session. Membership includes access to 250 recordings since early 2020, a free procurement concierge service where you can anonymously have questions answered by CPOs and free entry to all PASA Conferences from as little as $4,500 per annum. 

A new website for PASA

An all new PASA website will launch promptly in the new year in good time for the new season. It will offer easy-to-access procurement content, a range of new functions and all sorted into 15 core topic areas. The website is the natural development to our growing Linkedin audience. If you’re not already a follower, please follow us for the latest updates from our region in procurement. 

Naturally, the new site will also detail the full suite of PASA events and programmes for 2023 available to book easily online, plus new features like a Jobs Board, CPD points for every event and new content for the new year. 

PASA CEO Jonathan Dutton 

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