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August 31, 2023  | The Rydges, Auckland

New Zealand Big Breakfast.

Our Big Breakfast events are back following the tremendous success of our sell-out 2022 series. We’re hosting seven Big Breakfast’s in seven cities throughout the region in 2023.

Connect and learn over breakfast.

We’re bringing an expanded program in 2023 to bring more procurement networking and knowledge over a tasty breakfast. Centre to each event is how best procurement can navigate today’s key challenges in the profession.


The Rydges, Auckland


August 31, 2023

The Theme.

Each event will follow a similar theme, allowing key differences specific to each region.
Key challenges facing the procurement profession will be explored, including:

Mitigating the effects of high inflation – refocussing on value creation over cost savings

Delivering on stakeholder demands for raised ESG standards from the supply side

Rebalancing sourcing decisions based on risk management as well as cost advantage

Capturing the true benefits now available from eProcurement technology and digitalisation work

Reviewing the future of global sourcing from Australia & New Zealand in the face of deglobalisation worldwide

Understanding local needs and differences

Why you should attend.


From 7:00am:
Coffee, juice and networking

Breakfast served 

Introduction and welcome
The 4 unavoidable questions facing procurement throughout 2023

  • What new challenges do procurement partitioners face following the pandemic?

  • How are these exacerbated by the current context of high inflation, supply chain blockages, the war in Ukraine and growing ESG needs?

  • And, which are your TOP ESG priorities – compared to most people’s top nine?

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO, PASA

Providing a voice for New Zealand procurement
he New Zealand Procurement Excellence Forum (PEF) brings together like-minded and committed procurement professionals who view the procurement profession as an exciting, fast evolving, innovative and creative specialisation and are willing to share their knowledge with each other for the purpose of further enhancing, developing and celebrating the procurement profession in New Zealand. The PEF currently counts over 30 CPOs from organisations across the NZ private and public sectors as members who are engaged in a range of initiatives and activities to further their aims – including the successful New Zealand Procurement Excellence Awards each year in October
Diedrik Oomens, General Manager – Procurement at XERO, Chair – Procurement Excellence Forum (PEF) NZ 

Value beyond Cost: How Westpac NZ are managing down inflationary costs yet also bringing broader value for their stakeholders
Cost-push inflationary pressures are as real on the indirect side as anywhere else and have to be managed down. Yet, in the post-pandemic era, stakeholders are demanding other priorities, of often equal merit, are also fulfilled – supply assurance and better ESG outcomes, particularly. How exactly are the Westpac New Zealand team working to bring broader value from the supply-side and property portfolio to such a financially orientated business?
Justin Brochocki, Head of Property & Commercial Services, Westpac New Zealand

Contract Compliance & Governance CASE STUDY – Westpac
A lack of compliance and control for supplier-side contracts opens the floodgates for financial leakage and corporate risk. With hundreds of unique supplier partners, Westpac partnered with a Corporate Compliance specialist to evaluate supplier compliance and ensure contract terms are correctly executed. Hear Westpac’s journey to complete corporate compliance, expanding beyond the procurement and finance space.

Tony Horn, Executive General Manager – Operations, Profectus Group

Coffee break & networking

The Payment Times Reporting Act 2021 – Australia …. Will it happen in New Zealand soon?
The PTRA was introduced into Australia in 2021 and is rumoured to be introduced into NZ soon?
Introduced in Australia as law in January 2021, The Payment Times Reporting (“PTR”) Act brought about significant changes to the way Australian organisations now think about payments to suppliers.

In just a short space of time, in Australia, we have witnessed a new Act introduced in record time, it’s fast evolution, detailed media scrutiny and more recently the commencement of compliance activities by the Payment Times Reporting Regulator – including heavy fines and subsequent naming & shaming of non-compliant organisations – including some public sector agencies.

This Act is part of the Australia government’s response to the pandemic, aiming to help reflate the economy by supporting SME businesses for which cash-flow is their lifeblood, and who employ 44% of the Australian workforce.

The Act requires all firms over $100m Revenues to report payment times to all suppliers under $10m turnover. In the exact format of the federal government database. Many organisations had to make significant changes to their P2P process & systems by a set deadline. The reporting brackets are tight – Inside 20 Days, 21-30, 31-60, 61-90, 91-120, Over 120 days.

Rumours suggest New Zealand is contemplating a similar move – how might this affect your approach to managing small suppliers?
Natalie Brand, Associate Director, KPMG (Australia)

Value beyond Cost: He Ora Te Whakapiri – there is strength in unity
Understand how Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand Procurement and Supply Chain – is transforming itself to deliver broader public value beyond just cost savings to New Zealand through reform, consolidation, innovation, partnership, and co-design. See how 27 different organisations have started to come together to form a coherent organised health function focussing on leading edge procurement and supply chain practices in a unique New Zealand context through strong sector alignment. And how NZ Healtrh Partnerships are able to deliver broader value through collaboration and alignment 
Rod Treadwell, GM – Procurement, NZ Health Partnerships

TALENT DEVELOPMENT: Crafting your procurement L&D plan for the post Covid era
Procurement had a good Covid and stakeholders were impressed as we stepped-up to manage high-profile supply side issues. This has presented an opportunity for procurement to leveregae permanent gains – but do we have the capability to match our ambition?  For many firms scrambling to survive the pandemic crisis, staff training will seem an indulgent luxury. But for procurement people there has never been a more important time to invest in building procurement capability … but how to do it cheaply yet wisely? 
Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO, PASA

EXEC SUMMARY of key messages
Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO, PASA

End of event

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