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Navigating a Digital Landscape in Indirect

As technology begins to take on more of our day-today tasks and automation becomes ubiquitous in the workplace, Indirect Procurement must find a way to keep pace without sacrificing sustainability.

The ProcureCon Indirect team have surveyed 100 Heads of Indirect Procurement from companies across Europe to find out more about the procurement challenges they face and the innovative solutions they’re bringing to the table.

The survey was conducted by appointment over the telephone. The results were compiled and anonymised by WBR Insights and are presented with analysis and commentary by the ProcureCon Indirect community

The report covers:

  • The extent of which companies are using eProcurement as part of their procurement strategy
  • Drive towards sustainability and diversity in organisations
  • The biggest challenges in aligning your global and local business area requirements
  • The primary drivers for implementing sustainable initiatives

Key Findings Include:

  • 50% of businesses say that eProcurement is an important part of their procurement strategy
  • 74% of organisations’ primary driver for implementing sustainable initiatives is to mitigate risk to their businesses and safe guard their brand’s positive reputation
  • 49% mentioned that convincing local stakeholders to align

Click here to download the full report.  

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