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Learn how to slash your time-to-market from six months to six weeks

Interest is growing rapidly in what Lean-Agile Procurement can do for procurement teams around the world. The new methodology is being heralded as a “game-changer” for the discipline, with benefits including 400% faster time-to-market, radical risk reduction and 50% more efficiency.

The founder of the Lean-Agile Procurement methodology, Mirko Kleiner, is coming to Australia in September to conduct a two-day certification workshop in partnership with PASA. Details here

But like any new methodology, it’s important to back up these figures with a real-life example of the process in action. Yesterday, we published an article examining how Mirko Kleiner’s Lean-Agile Procurement methodology helped a Swiss company slash its time-to-market to 6 weeks, down from 6-12 months. Read the article here

Heart of the workshop: The lean Procurement Canvas

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