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Last chance to register for three unique online procurement workshops

Check out these three bespoke training workshops which have been specifically developed to address skills and capabilities vital to effective procurement:

Facilitated by Jonathan Dutton FCIPS FCIM, CEO at PASA, this workshop is perfect for procurement managers looking to get more strategic in their perspective on our profession, for experienced category managers getting ready to move up, bright young things looking to learn quickly about procurement as well as seasoned procurement professionals getting ready for their next step.

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Understand the context & complexity within which modern strategic procurement has to deliver and meet stakeholder needs
  • Determine quickly the difference between procurement leadership and management
  • Grasp thoroughly the essentials and the mindset of a strategic approach to procurement
  • Confidently manage suppliers and colleagues through a more strategic procurement process
  • Utilise a core range of strategic procurement tools and techniques

Develop the true role of procurement for your organisation and take a more strategic and balanced approach that is right for your organisation

Facilitated by Trusted Negotiator, this workshop is essential training and preparation for “the Olympics” of business life that demands the best of you. By going “all in” during deal simulations, you get the essential practice that doesn’t put your company and your own credibility, value or relationships at risk, so that you feel confident and fully prepared when it comes to live action

By the end of the bootcamp you will:.

  • Learn how to use the 7 Point Negotiation Framework to gain perspective, clarity, direction and control in navigating what is often a chaotic, intense and unpredictable communication dynamic
  • Develop a negotiation Toolkit and your proficiency in using these tools and techniques
  • Discover how to build Trust to unlock unrealised value in your negotiations
  • Gain clarity on how to connect your negotiation outcomes with overall business Strategy
  • Master how to counteract bullying and aggressive behaviours at the negotiation table
  • Develop a robust methodology to prepare and align with others in a team negotiation
  • Master the principles of Connected Communication to build common ground with your counterpart, uncover real needs, craft and pitch proposals
  • Gain expanded awareness of self and others by taking a deep dive into Psychodynamics

Completion of this course ONLINE over three mornings with PASA AGILE LEAD Marcus Ward and PASA CEO Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, leads to the LAP credential 1 awarded by the LAP Alliance in Switzerland.

By attending this workshop you will:

  • Understand what agile and lean-agile procurement are and when they would be applicable – in both a private and public sector context.
  • Learn how to use and leverage hands-on agile techniques to conduct more effective procurement process in a more responsive way to your organisation’s needs
  • Appreciate how the LAP BIG ROOM workshop works and how it fits into a LAP procurement process
  • Become more competitive by significantly reducing procurement timeframes and driving greater innovation

Become a Certified Lean-Agile Procurement (LAP) specialist (Credential 1),Secure invitations to FREE LAP alumni meet-ups with other alumni run every two months or so by PASA AGILE

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