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How can Procurement become TRULY AGILE?

‘Agile’ is all the rage, but what does it mean for procurement?

How about ‘sourcing an ERP system in two days’!

The Covid 19 crisis has highlighted the need for organisations and their procurement teams to become more ‘agile’. But what do we mean by ‘agile’?

‘Agile’ often means different things to different people. Some think it is about cutting corners to do things quickly, sacrificing good governance and process at the altar of greater speed.

It isn’t!

It is primarily a MINDSET, that once adopted enables you to deliver results faster, unlock greater innovation and provide greater certainty that you are selecting the most appropriate suppliers.

To fully understand what agile is and how procurement can become more agile you need to attend the Competitive Advantage via Lean-Agile Procurement workshop led by Mirko Kleiner, the global leader of the lean-agile procurement movement.

By attending the workshop you will:

  • Understand what agile and lean-agile procurement are and when they are applicable
  • Learn how to use and leverage hands-on agile techniques to conduct more effective procurement
  • Become more competitive – by significantly reducing procurement timeframes and driving greater innovation
  • Qualify as a Certified Lean-Agile Procurement (LAP) specialist (Credential 1), with a one-year membership of the LAP community

Engaging and Fun Online Learning

With Covid 19 restrictions in place, Mirko has redeveloped the workshop for online delivery. The twenty ANZ attendees at the first virtual course in June provided fabulous feedback, rating it a high 9 out of 10 (as an average).

The online workshops are highly interactive, with participants using online collaboration tools to work in small groups to conduct a wide range of exercises.

Course Dates

The course will be run four times through June, July and August.

Course 2: 6th to 9th July FULLY BOOKED & IN PROGRESS THIS WEEK
Course 3: 20th to 23rd July GET IN QUICK – COURSE FILLING FAST
Course 4: 10th to 13th August GET IN QUICK – COURSE FILLING FAST

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