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Highlights From Australia’s 2020 Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber security threats are increasing. Nation states and state-sponsored actors and criminals are exploiting Australians by accessing sensitive information and for financial gain.

Criminals are using the dark web to buy and sell stolen identities, illicit commodities, and child exploitation material, as well as to commit other crimes.

Encryption and anonymising technologies allow criminals, terrorists and others to hide their identities and activities from law enforcement agencies.

Cyber criminals want to take advantage of the fact that Australians are more connected than ever before.

Australia’s new Cyber Security Strategy will invest $1.67 billion over 10 years. Highlights include:

— Protecting and actively defending the critical infrastructure that all Australians rely on, including cyber security obligations for owners and operators.

— New ways to investigate and shut down cyber crime, including on the dark web.

— Stronger defences for Government networks and data.

— Greater collaboration to build Australia’s cyber skills pipeline.

— Increased situational awareness and improved sharing of threat information.

— Stronger partnerships with industry through the Joint Cyber Security Centre program.

— Advice for small and medium enterprises to increase their cyber resilience.

— Clear guidance for businesses and consumers about securing Internet of Things devices.

— 24/7 cyber security advice hotline for SMEs and families.

— Improved community

Read the full strategy here: https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/cyber-security-subsite/files/cyber-security-strategy-2020.pdf


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