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“First-of-it’s-kind” research into social procurement framework

Pro Bono Australia is encouraging participation in “first-of-its-kind” research into the Victorian Government’s Social Procurement Framework with a view to encouraging Australia-wide adoption by businesses.

The research, being undertaken as part of the Swinburne and Jobsbank partnership, will map attitudes towards and understanding of the framework. Online Participation is open until 14 October. 

The Victorian Government Social Procurement Framework was introduced in 2018. 

Questions in the research include: 

  • How are concepts of social impact, inclusive employment and diversity understood and regarded by employers?
  • How is the Social Procurement Framework being used to support meaningful social change within Australian businesses?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges presented by using the SPF to shift business practices?

“This research will explore the understanding of social procurement by Victorian businesses and focus on uncovering media ‘appeals’ used around social procurement, diversity, and inclusion messaging. We hope to enhance understanding of how social procurement is adopted, explore the experiences of business engaged in social procurement practices, and examine the communications likely to stimulate further engagement, ” Dr Nives Zubcevic-Basic, Swinburne University of Technology said. 

Corinne Proske, CEO of Jobsbank said: “Our objective is simply to understand what works in the sector, what is best practice, and what we can use to leverage our impact. Are conversations changing around inclusive employment? And what does it take to engage all Australian businesses?”

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