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Dutch Supermarket Chain Introduces ‘True Pricing’ Trial to Highlight Hidden Costs of Products

Dutch Supermarket Introduces True Pricing

Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn has initiated a trial called ‘True Pricing’ in three of its To Go supermarkets to raise awareness about the hidden costs associated with products. 

During a trial, customers had the option to pay the normal price or the ‘real price,’ which includes social and environmental costs throughout the product chain, European Supermarket Magazine reports.

The retailer uses the proceeds from the extra amount customers are willing to pay for additional investments in Rainforest Alliance-certified certified improvement projects in the coffee chain.

Albert Heijn calculated the true prices for coffee, milk, and oat milk, with differences ranging from €0.06 to €0.36.

‘Real prices’ include the social and environmental costs throughout the product chain, including CO2 emissions, consumption of water, raw materials and working conditions.

The ‘true price’ model was developed by the Dutch movement True Price. 

The retailer aims to promote sustainable choices and gather customer feedback. The trial will expand to more locations and include additional products in 2023.

Other retailers, such as German discounter Penny and Amsterdam-based organic supermarket De Aanzet, have also explored ‘true pricing’ to account for hidden costs.

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