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How you can bolster your digital toolkit in procurement

The modern procurement officer needs to be well versed in a number of digital procurement competencies and with technology constantly on the move, it’s key to keep your digital tool kit up to scratch.

83% of respondents to an Ivalua study believe better digital skills would have helped their business navigate the COVID-19 landscape more successfully, while nine out of ten find it challenging to locate and hire those with the skills needed to work with AI, data analytics and cloud-based platforms.

The demand on these competencies is only going to grow, with McKinsey reporting that 69% of procurement leaders expect digital solutions to be more valuable in the future than they are today.

Comprara CEO Benjamin Shute gives the word on all things digital, from key competencies to focusing on your areas of weakness.

Go to the Comprara website to find out how you can build your digital IQ.

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