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May 14, 2024 | May, RACV, 501 Bourke Street

Melbourne Big Breakfast.

Our Big Breakfast events are back following the tremendous success of our sell-out 2022 & 2023 series. We’re hosting seven Big Breakfast’s in seven cities throughout the region in 2024.

Connect and learn over breakfast.

We’re bringing an expanded program in 2023 to bring more procurement networking and knowledge over a tasty breakfast. Centre to each event how best procurement can navigate today’s the key challenges in the profession.


Melbourne CBD


May 14, 2024

The Theme.

Each event will follow a similar theme, allowing key differences specific to each region.
Key challenges facing the procurement profession will be explored, including:

Mitigating the effects of high inflation – refocussing on value creation over cost savings

Delivering on stakeholder demands for raised ESG standards from the supply side

Rebalancing sourcing decisions based on risk management as well as cost advantage

Capturing the true benefits now available from eProcurement technology and digitalisation work

Reviewing the future of global sourcing from Australia & New Zealand in the face of deglobalisation worldwide

Understanding local needs and differences

Why you should attend.



Hot Breakfast Served


The 4 KEY CHALLENGES facing procurement in 2024

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, PASA


Many procurement leaders have impressive policies on a range of supply side ESG initiatives; but few seem able to show real impact or firm traction towards genuine progress. How can procurement move the dial on so many issues?

Tabcorp have made impressive strides on modern slavery audits through a series of supplier negotiations. And are working to make is easy for both users and suppliers to do the right thing through application of their technology and their ‘PROCUREMENT DOOR’ approach …

Jane Holcombe, GM for Procurement & Property, TABCORP


In today’s business landscape, managing travel has become a top priority for organizations, particularly after COVID-19 enhancing the importance of duty of care, maintain cost control measures and fast shift towards online booking and self-managed platforms. Cabcharge has actively embraced these changes to better serve its clients, placing a heightened emphasis on addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, prioritising Spend Control, and recognising duty of care as a primary focus for corporate travel buyers in 2024.

Cabcharge today offers customers a cost-effective, and sustainable approach to business travel with a state-of-the-art integrated billing platform which delivers true spend control and obviates traditional cash, paper or even plastic payment methods – for better expense tracking and convenience for both corporates and their travellers.

For ground transportation, cabs are a safe transportation method and employing advanced technology such as GPS tracking of your riders, in-car cameras to enhance security. Drivers undergo rigorous training and police checks, fostering professionalism and reliability.

Daniel Lawlor, A2B Head of Government & Corporate Sales, Cabcharge


Coffee Break and Networking


The takeover of 7/11 in late 2023 has set a revised agenda for the procurement team based in Melbourne, Hitting targets for synergistic cost savings at the same time as integrating new approaches to convenience retailing and still delivering responsible procurement. But how can procurement best prepare for large scale organisational change such as mergers & acquisitions (functionally and people) and how they can establish best value for the residual business? Jason can also draw upon his experience during the divestment of David Jones from the Woolworths South Africa Organisation as well as the sale of 7 Eleven from private ownership in Australia to the Japanese led 7 Eleven International parent company

Jason Gough, CPO, 7/11


The recent formation of the Sports Procurement Group including Tennis, cricket, AFL, racing and the MCG team offers participants more than simple aggregated savings on a few categories.

It brings instant benchmarking, shared thinking, co-operative resources and teamwork – making everyone’s job easier.

Collaborative procurement offers real benefits and is rarer than it should be in the procurement industry – especially in the public sector. Understand how simple teamwork in our collegiate profession offers all of us more …. All it takes is for someone to take the lead!

One example is the CASE STUDY of how the collaborative AUPN University Buying ‘HUB’ works so successfully and for whom?

Christina Guerra, Director of Procurement, Tennis Australia


In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the future of procurement holds exciting possibilities. As technology continues to advance and industries adapt, procurement professionals find themselves at the forefront of innovation. Embracing digital transformation, fostering strategic partnerships, and leveraging data-driven insights are key pillars shaping the trajectory of procurement. As we navigate this dynamic environment, we’re reminded of the words of a wise mentor: ‘The future is what we make of it.’

Join us as we explore the journey ahead and unlock the potential of tomorrow’s procurement practices.

Colin van Rooyen and Chris Liew, SAP Australia

Chris Liew – Solution Advisor, SAP Australia


Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, MC


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The PASA conference was the best conference I had attended in many years – many practical advice and applications that my team and I can put to use straight away, a great investment of our time.

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It was great to hear a wide range of presentations from a diverse mix of speakers, especially in person.

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I very much enjoyed the depth and variety of skills experience of the presenters.

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2024 Melbourne Big Breakfast

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