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Art of Procurement discusses the three indispensable skills for today’s procurement leaders

New AoP Podcast

On a new episode of the Art of Procurement podcast, Stephen Ashcroft, Founder, Map & Territory, joins host Philip Ideson to discuss the three indispensable skills procurement needs today.

Listeners will learn:

  • Why effective relationships are often overlooked or taken for granted
  • Why it’s important to not lose sight of what matters
  • Why becoming adaptable is vital when change is inevitable

The podcast reminds procurement of the core performance drivers they need to succeed, especially during periods of rapid change and transformation.

Stephen said, “If you ask, ‘who wants change?’ you’ll hear ‘everybody wants change!’ especially when that change comes in the form of progress, innovation and growth. 

“But, from all those who are open to and want to see that progress and change happen, if you ask, ‘who is going to change?’, you’ll get a much smaller number of responses,” he added. 

Stephen suggests it’s time for that number to go up in procurement.

Listen to the podcast here or find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Stephen Ashcroft is also one of the new procurement coaches available by the hour to PASA Connect members. 

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