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Agile procurement trifecta at region’s most influential procurement conference

Agile procurement features in a trifecta of exclusive content at the region’s most influential procurement conference, Premier Confex, in Melbourne October 12-13.

President of Lean-Agile Procurement Alliance, co-founder Flowdays, and Agile Enterprise Coach Mirko Kleiner is flying in especially from Switzerland for PASA’s blue ribbon conference.

“Why it’s all different now” is the focus of this year’s annual conference, which has attracted 250 registered guests from procurement in Australian and New Zealand.

International Agile procurement expert flying in

Mirko’s keynote, “The Future of Procurement – Function to Capability”, reveals what it takes to make your organisation more Agile and ready to respond and innovate quickly in a world that is changing at an unprecedented speed.

The procurement audience can expect a provocative talk as Mirko covers:

  • Why Agile made tech companies like e.g. Tesla are so much more successful
  • Why we think supply chain is a concept from the past
  • Where you could start your journey with an applicable survival guide

The second part of the Agile bonanza is a case study from Henriette Kamfer, Procurement Lead, for APA Group – Adelaide.

In the presentation, Henriette lifts the lid on a transformational agile procurement process whereby the ASX-listed APA Group transitioned to using smart metering for gas.

The process occurred in the middle of the pandemic and executed virtually with suppliers dialling in from across the globe.

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“We had a very complex problem to solve, to shift our organisation and our market to digital metering in the gas space,” Henriette said. “A 13-week process led to a virtual big room negotiation process which ran over four days.”

Hear from Henriette

“That for me, is where the shattering of the bottle neck started because the suppliers had immediate access to the buyers.”

Henriette’s tell-all presentation will reveal the effectiveness of the “sprinting” concept used in agile to assign efficiency to work packages, how suppliers were shortlisted, writing customer personas and how customer-centric design principles can be used in procurement.

Experience a Big Room experience

The case study is the perfect introduction for a live Big Room – the third agile feature of the packed Premier Confex Program.

In this segment Mirko is teaming up with Marcus Ward from leading business agility training company Twenty2 Collective especially to run a “Big Room” interactive engagement workshop.

This is essentially a live version of the tender process, where all shortlisted competing vendors are in the room together in a “big room” to present to the buyer’s team on various topics or aspects of their bids.

Participants experience a mock exercise and are to be coached through.

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