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9 Procurement Influencers You Should Be Following On Twitter

PASA has compiled a list of some of the top procurement and supply chain influencers on Twitter.

If you’re interested in accessing a whole range of useful resources or absorbing some expert thought leadership, go and give these 15 people a follow.

1. @muddassirism

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed describes himself as a supply chain maven and influencer. Based in Dubai, Ahmed is the founder of SCMDOJO, which he created with the goal of helping supply chain professionals to solve the problems they face in their jobs and business. He is also an avid procurement and supply chain blogger who has amassed a tribe of over 86,000 social media followers.

2. @Lcecere

Lora Cecere is the Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Insights with over thirty years of diverse supply chain experience. Recent topics covered in her enterprise software blog, Supply Chain Shaman, include:

  • My Failure In Using Design Thinking To Drive Supply Chain Innovation
  • Supply Chain Performance Declined In the Last Decade. The Question is Why?
  • How Do We Stop Buying Planning Software the Wrong Way?

3. @sscudder

Sarah Scudder is a marketer, lead generation strategist, content creator, public speaker, community builder, and event host.  She is the President of the Real Sourcing Network (RSN) – a procurement technology and services company with a bold and audacious mission: to change the way companies buy printing and marketing services.

Sarah is also passionate about sustainable packaging and talks a lot about this issue via her Twitter account.

4. @SigiOsagie

Sigi Osagie is a writer, speaker, business adviser and coach, and mentor. According to his website, he’s been described as a guru, an inspiration, a philosopher from the future, the Seth Godin of Procurement, and a top influencer.

He is also the author of two books, Career Dreams To Career Success and Procurement Mojo.

5. @elaineporteous

Elaine Porteous is a South Africa-based specialist B2B supply chain writer, with a particular focus on technologies and trends in procurement, logistics, and transportation.

She has worked as a freelance business writer for more than ten years and has over 20 years’ experience working in supply chain management and human resources management in corporate organisations in Africa and Asia.

6. @Hal_Good

Harold Good is a procurement and supply chain influencer, procurement advisor, and futurist.  With more than thirty years of experience as a leader in public and private procurement, Harold helps organisations (and individuals) deal with the challenges of today’s disrupted marketplace.

He is also the founder of the Procurement Pros Group, which is dedicated to helping procurement departments become “more strategic”​.

7. @gdonovan1971

Gordon Donovan is a highly experienced Australia-based procurement professional and consultant. His website, the Procurement Pracademic, covers all things procurement, supply chain, and technology, and includes a mix of his blogs, a summary of recent articles he has read, podcast recommendations, and general procurement thoughts.

8. @pideson

Philip Ideson is an Orlando-based procurement professional. He is the Founder of the Art of Procurement (@aopshow), which offers procurement insights, resources, and expertise that drive company growth and helps CPOs to position procurement as a key enabler of business strategy.

Popular Art of Procurement podcast episodes include:

  • Building an Expense Management Program
  • Leading Procurement in an Economic Downturn
  • How Retail Business Services Delivers Value Beyond Savings
  • Integrating Risk Management into the Sourcing Process

9. @BuyersMeetPoint

Kelly Barner is the Owner and Managing Director of Buyers Meeting Point with more than 15 years of experience in purchasing and procurement leadership. The driving force behind Buyers Meeting Point is to provide professionals with these resources and sources of inspiration for making themselves and their organizations better.

She writes extensively on digital transformation, leadership and collaboration, market intelligence, spend management, supplier relationships, and supply chain risk.

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