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PODCAST: Procurement beyond traditional boundaries

Leading procurement organisations are constantly reimagining their processes and operating models. In today’s unpredictable and fast-changing world you can deliver a high-level roadmap to build the procurement function of tomorrow.

In TRANSFORM, a new thought-provoking podcast series from Art of Procurement in partnership with Globality, hear all on procurement leaders and companies who are changing the game and redefining the future of procurement.

Host Philip Ideson talks with Adam Brown, Head of the Procurement Digital Garage and Senior Manager of Transformation at BT Sourced. Adam and his team are leading the way in transforming the role and the impact of procurement beyond traditional boundaries.

Learn the following about building a digital procurement ecosystem to enable lasting transformation:

  • Why procurement needs to think about transformation as a process of constant reinvention
  • How his perspective on procurement talent is shaped by the emphasis BT Sourced places on their best-of-breed digital ecosystem
  • Building self-service capabilities that distributed buyers really don’t have to worry about getting right

Listen to the Art of Procurement Podcast. 

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