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Top 10 websites for supply chain management advice during the COVID-19 crisis

Supply managers worldwide are under pressure to keep essential goods and services moving despite massive disruption and uncertainty. With 9 in 10 supply chains hit by coronavirus-related disruption, cost and risk management have shot back to the top of the procurement agenda.

For organisations sourcing goods out of China, orders are not being filled, lead times have doubled, and the problem is compounded by a shortage of air and shipping freight options. Meanwhile, manufacturers in China report that they are operating at 50% of capacity, with 56% of staff.

In order to enable fact-based decision making, it is vital that business leaders stay informed. Executive teams will require regular updates from their CPOs on the state of the supply chain; CPOs will need updates from category managers, and so on.

We’ve put together a list of 10 sites offering supply chain management news and advice focused on the crisis.


PASA will share relevant news about coronavirus impacts on the PASA blog, along with insights from our webinars on COVID-19 related topics, podcasts and online roundtables, member surveys about coronavirus impacts, and more. At the same time, business-as-usual continues for many organisations, so there will continue to be general procurement news and thought-leadership in the mix.


IACCM’s excellent COVID-19 coverage includes impact reports, surveys, virtual workshops, webinars, and commentary.


ASCM has compiled resources to help readers and their organizations navigate through this crisis.


Deloitte has published a report out of Canada focusing on COVID-19 and how to manage supply chain risks and disruptions.


Mckinsey has published an excellent article on the actions to take now to reduce supply chain recovery times after COVID-19, along with a more general study on business impacts.


Kearney has developed a rapid response framework for COVID-19, along with a list of tips for responding to the crisis.

IBIS World

IBIS World is updating its readers on COVID-19 impacts across 15 sectors, broken down into regions including Australia.


While there doesn’t appear to be much information on COVID-19 on ISM’s website itself (apart from an announcement about ISM2020 being cancelled), ISM is conducting valuable member surveys on Coronavirus supply chain disruption, with the first round of survey results published here.


Mainly focused on the UK and Europe, CIPS has a page dedicated to rolling coverage of COVID-19 impacts on supply chains.

Australian Manufacturing Forum

The Australian Manufacturing Forum has practical tips for manufacturers impacted by COVID-19 along with ongoing coverage of supply chain disruptions.

Taking care

It is crucial that COVID-19 information is verified before being used as the basis of supply-chain decision making. Practice healthy skepticism, follow Government advice, and if the news comes from a less-than-reliable source (e.g. Twitter), make sure it is confirmed by a more reliable platform before taking action.

Do you have other sources of COVID-19 supply chain news to recommend? If so, please contact content@pasa.net.au with your suggestions. 

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