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How Procurement can help manage inflation







Inflation is rising inexorably –it is currently 5.1% (Q1 2022) in Australia yet 6.9% in New Zealand (and 7.1% in the UK and 8.3% in the US). Many forecast rates to climb significantly higher. This erodes purchasing power and raises our relative cost base – a 7% inflation rate doubles COST in ten years, mathematically. So $9 for a coffee, $60,000 for a basic new car, within 10 years if inflation rises 7%

The nature of the inflation we face today is largely COST-PLUS driven inflation – as the white-paper explains economically. A type of inflation that PROCUREMENT should be able to mitigate for their organisations. This white-paper also offers professional buyers 10 Top Tips on managing inflation from the supply side.

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Six Key Procurement Challenges and how to solve them in 2022









Procurement has a relatively good ride through the recent crisis. So, what does this mean for procurement’s future, starting immediately with 2022? In particular, SIX challenges are likely to face many procurement teams in Australia and New Zealand this year it seems.

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7 Tips to get Traction on your MODERN SLAVERY commitments









Sustainable procurement initiatives are back on the agenda after something of a hiatus during
the pandemic period. Perhaps the most important plank of sustainable procurement efforts is a
mandatory one – MODERN SLAVERY federal legislation, which is now joined by the long-awaited
NSW bill and, even, a second federal initiative, the Forced Labour Bill.

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Learning and Development White Paper –“How to craft your essential post-Covid Procurement Capability Development Plan”









This paper explains succinctly and exactly HOW to develop you procurement Learning & Development plan.

It draws solutions that are time-tested, including on MCIPS and assessed training, planning & 70/20/10 approaches, yet also answer the dilemmas posed in the results of the recent PASA L&D Survey of December 2020 – including why 95% CPOs have no cohesive L&D plan for their team!

The survey also revealed that Covid has altered procurement training needs, that most teams had not changed their training budget or time available for training during Covid, that 90% procurement people didn’t mind training online, the vast majority want participative training approaches but over one-third still liked good ole PowerPoint.

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The 7 key Challenges for Procurement Success in the post COVID World












As we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis, a new business normal will develop quickly and present procurement with just as many difficulties as others.
Yet it also offers procurement an opportunity. An opportunity to be highly relevant and deliver outstanding value from the supply side.
But to succeed, Procurement must first face some tough questions and overcome SEVEN key challenges …

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Electricity prices still on the rise – the current state of pricing in the Australian Energy Market.


The Australian Energy Market has seen considerable change over recent years and with energy prices on the rise many customers renewing their electricity contracts are experiencing substantial increases across several components of their energy bill.

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How to build a business case for neutral vendor managed services


Contingent labour is often seen as a considerable indirect spend category for many businesses and one which can be difficult to bring under control. Complex, multi-location companies face challenges of sourcing temporary workers with the right skills and experience at the right time. With a high number of temporary recruitment agencies across your business getting complete visibility of temporary recruitment spend, control of hiring processes, effective contract management and risk mitigation can be a challenge.

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