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What to look out for in ICT Procurement: Count down to PASA’s IT Day

Hardware procurement, telecommunications services purchasing, IT managed services and a deep dive on all things purchasing IT are all on the agenda for PASA’s IT Day. 

The March 3 virtual event takes an in depth look at the main trends in 2022 for ICT procurement. 

IT Procurement experts Essential Utilities Information Technology (EUIT) has partnered with PASA to form a one-of-a-kind agenda. 

Executive presentations include: 

  • Cochlear, the ASX-listed global leader in implantable hearing solutions
  • ‘Telecommunications category convergence’ – the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Tasmanian Government 
  • Invocare, the leading multinational provider of funeral, cemetery and memorialisation services across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Topic: ‘Market trends 2022 – in Telecoms’

EUIT CEO Cliff Booth said the IT Day 2022 programme had been especially tailored to focus on the most pressing procurement topics. 

“We asked the PASA membership what content they wanted to hear,” Cliff said. 

“They wanted to hear about the challenges with hardware procurement. One of the big things affected by COVID is the supply of certain raw materials to actually build hardware and that’s changed the pricing dynamic because of the shortage.”  

Cliff said IT Day would explore how rapidly the best practice procurement of technology was rapidly changing especially in Australia and New Zealand. 

“In particular in Australia and New Zealand you’ve got very large macro changes in areas like telecommunications with the NBN and the UFB,” he said. 

“The NBN is effectively a nationally-owned network providing core data communications and New Zealand are ahead of Australia in their infrastructure – that’s completely changed the supply dynamic. 

“So you now have the situation where the majority of corporates are not getting their telecommunications services from a carrier, they’re getting it from a network integrator who is buying something wholesale from the NBN. Totally changed the commercial buying construct that you need to have.” 

Hear from Cliff below. 

On the forward look for ICT spend, Cliff said budgets may be trimmed in 2022. 

“What’s happening now is people are right-sizing their contracts to a remote working environment.  It’s often net cheaper to work remotely because you’re using consumer-grade internet services and you have different types of licensing constructs,” he said. 

IT Day, which will take a ‘deep-dive’ into core sub-categories, commences at 9am, Thursday 3 March. 

PASA CEO Jonathan Dutton said IT Day will unpack the skills needed as contemporary ICT buyer in an environment quite often blighted by “traps” where the “pace of change moves electrically quick.”

“You need a range of skills as a buyer to approach the ICT category,” Jonathan said.

“Secondly you need technical knowledge – far more than you ever did and you need market knowledge to understand the key players especially in Australia and New Zealand.” 

IT Day is free of charge for professional procurement practitioners. 

Partner content: EUIT was formed specifically to focus on ICT Procurement consulting for the corporate and government market as part of the EU Group with Essential Utilities Corporation (EUC). EUIT also provide specialists in Transition Management to help businesses realise the savings and benefits associated with procurement activities.

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