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What SIX benefits delivered real value to a senior procurement advisor?

Six reasons why I found the PASA Connect Analytics Round-table so valuable

The following is an extract from an email sent by a PASA Connect member to the other attendees in late 2018 after a PASA Connect ‘Analytics’ round-table, led by Simon Thompson from Acquire Procurement Services

“Thank you Simon for being a wonderful host and expert facilitator today.

It was great to meet you all this morning and you were all wonderful contributors!

I found today’s sessions valuable because:

  • We chose to talk about “Hot Topics” that were relevant for us all
  • I have come away with some great tips and free tools
  • I have some alternate concepts to consider when addressing data integrity issues
  • It’s good to know we aren’t the only company with the same issues
  • Your knowledge and skills within this field were invaluable
  • I now have a network of expert analyst’s to call on if I need support!

Thanks for sharing your tools and insights within Procurement Analytics. Enjoy the rest of your week and Merry Christmas” Xxxx, Procurement Advisor

Names of participants have been removed as all PASA Connect round-tables are conducted under Chatham House Rules

To find out how you can access benefits of this kind please contact Nigel Wardropper at PASA at nigelw@pasa.net.au

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