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What is the typical cost per transaction for P2P processes?

The following is an email received from a Head of Procurement after he had responded to a PASA Connect Concierge request from another member, containing the question above. The ‘Concierge’ is a service provided to PASA Connect members who are looking for advice or answers to specific questions. It enables them to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of the network to find real answers to real problems.

“Hi Nigel

We had a good discussion with member X last Friday. I think she got some good insights. We have agreed to keep in contact to track progress and share any relevant learnings. I have also had a good session with Xxx and Xxxx from Xxx Co. regarding their tracking and reporting of Procurement value contribution. It’s not always easy to step out of the day-to-day, but this kind of connection, for me, is where the key value lies with the membership.


Member Head of Procurement”

Names of participants have been removed as all PASA Connect round-tables are conducted under Chatham House Rules

To find out how you can access benefits of this kind please contact Nigel Wardropper at PASA at nigelw@pasa.net.au

What was the Question?

The questions posed by the PASA Connect member that elicited the email response above were:

“Can you or one of your team help a fellow PASA Connect member with information or insights into:

Typical cost per transaction for P2P processes? (perhaps any research, white papers or benchmarking information that you have seen)

What a typical process may look like (and/or inputs) prior to automation, and then after?

Differing levels of automation. For example just invoice to pay automation, in comparison with full P2P automation?

If you are able to help, I will connect you with the relevant member.”

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