Using Process & Technology to Reduce Legal Spend webinar recording

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About the webinar

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As costs come under pressure, extracting maximum value from external legal spend is more vital than ever. Traditional procurement processes and purchasing systems simply aren’t effective in the legal category, and this webinar will explore why this is the case and share proven solutions that combine processes and technology to maximise value and provide oversight and control.

With a platform design based on an in-depth understanding of the legal industry, the frustrations in-house legal teams face, and best practice in legal procurement, Lawcadia was the first business globally to develop a technology solution that manages and improves the legal procurement process for corporate and government clients.

Warwick and Steven will draw on their insights and experience of working with numerous corporate and government legal teams and over 150 law firms.

This webinar will help you to:

  • Develop strategies that can save up to 30% of your organisation’s legal spend
  • Identify the most common challenges in applying traditional procurement solutions to the legal category
  • Understand the key areas of wastage in legal and how to prevent it
  • Learn ways that procurement can work more closely with legal to drive cost savings
  • Explore ways for procurement to get oversight and control over legal spend
  • Learn how matter-based RFPs can drive value in addition to formal panel arrangements
  • Understand the role of pricing and alternative fee arrangements in the legal category

Your Presenters

Warwick Walsh is the CEO and founder of Lawcadia, an award-winning legal technology
company. Lawcadia has a streamlined legal matter and spend management platform that is built for in-house lawyers and their law firms, incorporating workflow automation, RFPs and tenders, scope controls and spend management. With leading corporate and government organisations using Lawcadia and over 150 Australian and international law firms on-boarded, Lawcadia is transforming the corporate legal industry.

Warwick is passionate about using process and technology to bring transparency, accountability and predictability to the legal industry, transforming the way in which law firms are engaged, fees are agreed, and value is delivered.

With almost 20 years’ experience as a solutions professional, and a keen passion for the use of technology, Steven works collaboratively with his clients to identify their key pain points, analyse their process shortfalls, and prescribe appropriate solutions in fitting with the organisation’s financial and operational objectives.

Steven has a wealth of experience in tendering and procurement team collaboration and has daily contact with in-house legal teams from around the world, who are facing unique operational challenges as a result of COVID-19.