Useful Links

Professional Bodies


CIPS – The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply


ISM – The Institute of Supply Management


IACCM – The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management


SCLAA – The Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia

Other Useful Links

Social Traders

Social Traders provides tailored support and expertise to help guide you through the journey of incorporating social enterprises into your supply chain. We do this because we believe buying from social enterprise represents the greatest untapped potential in generating positive, sustainable social impact in Australia. Small change, big impact. Find Out More

CPO Rising

CPO Rising is a news and media site written for and about Chief Procurement Officers and other supply management executives. It is also the largest website focused on procurement and supply management. Our mission is to engage executive leaders with a steady stream of top-quality, progressive, and original content. CPO Rising is published by noted analyst, Andrew Bartolini, the Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners.

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