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The ‘So What’ Strategy – What every CPO needs to know

“So What? Where’s this going? Why do I need to know this?”

These are some of the most unnerving questions in business. How do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? And how do you make sure business audiences actually hear what you have to say?

Good communication is critical for business success. Whether you are an experienced executive or a new business graduate sooner or later you will need to present your point of view on an important issue. But how do you take what is often a complex set of ideas and organise them into a clear and compelling argument that your audience – the CEO, the Board, peers – understands straight away?

Davina Stanley, Managing Director, Clarity Thought Partners will conduct a workshop at the 2nd PASA CPO Summit, on 2nd & 3rd April in Sydney, addressing the ability to communicate strategically so that business audiences of all stripes can not only grasp your point quickly but see the value you bring. Mastering a simple three-step process is key to going beyond being a solid performer and being recognised as a value-adding partner in your business. In the workshop CPOs will learn how to:

  • Think more deeply about your audience and purpose
  • Structure your thinking around one key idea that is supported powerfully and
  • Have ideas for delivering that thinking in whatever form is necessary to engage your audience quickly

Attendees will also receive a free copy of Davina’s book – The So What Strategy

CPOs/Heads of Procurement attending the Summit will also experience:

  • Five keynote sessions on a mix of procurement and non-procurement topics
  • A choice of three personal development workshops
  • Multiple facilitated round-table discussions on key questions facing procurement leaders today

Add in the quality networking and it all makes for a valuable use of your precious time.

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