The So What Strategy Program






Participate in a highly interactive blended learning program during May, June & July 2020 including a one-day workshop on 27 May in Sydney.

See your good ideas get the traction they deserve

Learn structured communication techniques developed by top-tier management consultants

Clarity in thinking and communication is a critical life skill and essential in business.

The So What Strategy provides a simple and repeatable framework that enables you to clarify your thinking before you communicate in any situation. It has three steps:

1. Design your strategy by clarifying your purpose and understanding your audience
2. Develop your one-page storyline using our top-down structured thinking process
3. Deliver your communication by converting your storyline into any kind of professional communication before communicating with your audience.

Collaborate with program peers as you adopt a simple and powerful strategy for communicating complex ideas clearly

Knowing about something is very different from being able to do it, let alone do it well.

The So What Strategy program helps you move from ‘I get the idea’ to ‘I can do it’, in three stages:

1. Learn: This program introduces structured communication techniques via our short yet powerful Corporate Clarity online course.
2. Reinforce: We then work with you during an interactive and practical workshop on 27 May to answer questions, build on your experience and deepen your understanding of how storylines work in your setting.
3. Consolidate: We then consolidate your experience through three 90-minute online group coaching sessions during June and July.

Participants will also receive a copy of Davina’s book, The So What Strategy as well as communication templates they can use in their own work.

Transform your communication and your career

Program participants see significant shifts in their ability to engage others in their messages.

Participants are routinely surprised at how much faster people respond to their emails, how fewer pages lead to faster and better decisions and how many fewer fires they fight.

Here are some specific examples from past participants:

  • Stefan, a data analyst cut his PowerPoint from 50 pages to just 2, which his manager loved
  • A project management team at a Telco went from taking 15 hours to prepare for their Steering Committee meetings which were lengthy and often led to no decision, to 2 hours preparation and 15-minute meetings resulting in fast decisions
  • Rebecca, a team leader at an infrastructure company cut the time her team was spending to prepare their board papers by 60%

“This training gave me tools & templates to implement. I implemented and realised the results straight away. People came to me and provided feedback about the tremendous change in my clear communication approach.

“Highly recommended, Thanks a lot Davina !!!”

Mark, senior manager, Data Quality

Learn from Davina Stanley, MD Clarity Thought Partners

Davina Stanley helps professionals get faster approvals by communicating complex ideas clearly.

Davina’s clients learn structured communication techniques that offer a ‘go to’ process every time they communicate, including when they

  • Lead their teams through setting clear context, expectations and deliverables
  • Seek endorsements from senior executives and boards
  • Serve their clients

Davina’s clients gain advantage from her innovative and rigorous skill-building programs.

Her clients also benefit from her top-tier experience. She began helping others use structured communication techniques when she joined McKinsey’s Hong Kong office in 1996.

Since then she has helped professionals from graduates to the C-suite across most industry sectors in Australia and overseas.