Three steps to close the gap with IT supply chain issues

The supply chain, once a mostly seamless, behind-the-scenes operation for procurement, is now front-of-mind for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. In Australia, the days of empty supermarket shelves were thought to […]

The major problem of the microchip shortage

The global shortage of microchips is severely impacting the automotive market with no fast or easy resolution within sight. While this supply chain disruption has evoked the attention of world […]

Get ready for 2022: Reducing supply chain disruptions

Studies found that over half of Australian retailers are still experiencing supply chain disruptions, and these disruptions are projected to continue into 2023. While COVID-19 certainly acted as a catalyst, many experts […]

Never Waste a Crisis

The Never Waste a Crisis 2021 ebook shows the results of research on the impact of COVID-19 on procurement teams in Australia and how procurement team priorities have changed over […]