Better Procurement: Platform vs. Panel

The use of ‘supplier panels’ is relatively widespread in modern procurement, especially in categories such as professional services. The concept behind them is that they bring greater speed and efficiency […]

The Paradox of Neglect

Rather than rewarding you for your loyalty, some suppliers tend to take long-term relationships for granted. Introducing the spectre of a little competition into the picture can spur your suppliers […]

Why Modern Slavery Laws Are Needed

Author: The Conversation  Almost every brand of tuna on supermarket shelves shows why modern slavery laws are needed What is the chance the last tin of tuna you ate was made […]

Blockchain: Procurement’s Secret Weapon

Author: Procurious  Procurement will be the single largest instrument in the world to change the world… Olinga Taeed became the world’s first Professor in Blockchain and Social Enterprise at Birmingham […]