Break Down the Silos of Spend to Work Smarter

Three reasons why now is (finally) the time to unlock the maximum value of every dollar spent in your organisation. Many in procurement roles around the world have experienced a […]

Make or Buy: It’s Time for a Rethink

What is the point of sales departments? To create markets and stoke demand. Sales departments have been a standard part of industry for so long that we sometimes fail to […]

Balancing Cost and Innovation

Contracts govern every pound in and out of an enterprise. Yet many companies continue to underutilise the value of these documents and the software they deploy to manage them. ProcureCon’s […]

The Benefits Of Outcome Based Contracting

Typically, a contract is fulfilled and the supplier is paid upon their delivery of a particular service or product. In the case of outcome-based contracts (which are also referred to […]