Sustainable Procurement TODAY





3 short mornings 9.00am to 1.00pm AET

Course Outline:

  1. The breadth of Sustainable procurement today INTRO
    1. UN sustainable Dev Goals
    2. The ISO standard 20:400
    3. Using procurement as an instrument of policy
    4. What is your policy and why? The power of relevance
  2. Getting traction with Modern Slavery – It’s the law
    1. Your policy
    2. Legal changes post-Covid and in future
    3. Supply chain tracking and getting your programme to second-base
  3. Indigenous procurement UPDATE
    1. Using your RAP
    2. Honouring our commitments
  4. Social procurement
    1. Securing supply as a risk issue post Covid
    2. Onshoring re-strategy
    3. Social Procurement post JOBKEEPER – the case for & against
    4. The benefits of BUY LOCAL
    5. Creating jobs for disadvantaged Australians
  5. The Payment Reporting Act 2020
    1. Summary of the law from 1st Jan 2021 – the big fines & name/shame register
    2. Examining the small print & first steps for 1st July 2021
  6. Environmental procurement
    1. Business in the context of climate change
    2. Carbon policies
    3. Energy procurement

Your facilitator

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS FCIM |CEO,PASA

Jonathan Dutton has developed and delivered training courses throughout his career of over 30 years. Particularly he has developed & delivered innovative and leading edge material for both procurement professionals and sales teams alike – sometimes both at the same time such as ‘The Training Sales Simulator’ he developed for the QANTAS sales team in the 1990s.

​Also, Jonathan devised, planned and launched from scratch the CIPSA Training business whilst he was working there between 2004-13 – a business delivering over 250 training days a year at its peak, as the largest provider of public training in procurement in Australia. Whilst he was COO of CIM in the UK, he ran the CIM training business – which was around the 25th largest training company in the UK at the time. In Australia, in the early 1990s, he developed and produced a world class training programme for the Qantas sales team; some of this work was based upon the British Airways in-house programme …

Since 2013, Jonathan has personally developed and delivered several training programmes for over 300 attendees in total. These programmes include private training programmes for organisations such as Holden, DFAT, Victorian Government, Fisher & Paykel and others. In addition, public programmes have been ‘retailed’ throughout Australia and New Zealand by specialist learning providers including PASA, Konnect Learning and now MAJOR Training. Overseas principally by Zenith.

By far the most successful programme is the two-day STRATEGIC PROCUREMENT workshop (detailed above) for middle managers. Attendees have included executives from organisations such as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Telstra, Novartis, Foxtel, Vic Government, Petronas, Oil Search, Bluescope, EY, PWC and many others.

​JD has gained a reputation for engaging presentation work built on real substance and great content, using a wealth of real examples and case studies, delivered in a vibrant, informative and entertaining way.