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Rise Of The Intrapreneur

Author: PASA

With the rise of the so-called ‘intrapreneur’, it’s becoming more and more important for businesses to hold onto their top performing employees – the question is: how? According to the experts, company culture, compensation – not just financial, and involvement in the future of the business are the key.

An intrapreneur is an entrepreneur working within a corporation or business.

Intrapreneurs is a buzzword on the lips of every C-suite executive across the globe, and it’s no wonder this special brand of employee has people in top management talking.

These employees are top performers.

They are future focused, embrace change, want to make a difference, are hungry for opportunities for growth, taking on challenges and learning new skills.

In return for their dedication and driven approach which is sure to benefit the organisation they work for, it’s not surprising this outstanding breed of employee wants to be compensated differently. A more flexible approach to working hours, a supportive and encouraging working environment, positive recognition and feedback on work or ideas and being included in conversations about the direction of the company are what matters most to intrapreneurs.

Businesses who come across intrapreneurs should allow them to flourish and continue to develop their skills. By nurturing their talent, a sense of loyalty is sure to grow and both the business and the individual will benefit.

Editor in Chief for Intrapreneur magazine, Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw, said the global intrapreneurial movement is still in its infancy, but gaining momentum rapidly.

“We’re seeing the intrapreneurs being recognised and embraced in multiple sectors: education, corporate, not-for-profit… even schools are beginning to see the value in encouraging the growth and education of the intrapreneurialattitude,” Dr Yashin-Shaw said.

“Providing support for these individuals and allowing them to challenge the status-quo creates so many opportunities for businesses and organisations to be better and advance more rapidly. However, it is a two-way street. Identifying these individuals and sponsoring their growth is paramount to a successful relationship,” she said.

* For more information on the intrapreneurial phenomenon and how to identify and nurture talent, pick up a copy of Intrapreneur magazine which is available from http://intrapreneurmagazine.com

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