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Negotiation for Procurement Professionals

Develop the practical methods and skills to negotiate better deals.

Delivered by experienced negotiator Paul Rogers, this course aims to equip you with the capability, tools and confidence to plan and manage commercial negotiations.


This course aims to give you the confidence to negotiate with confidence and get the results you want with the right tools and techniques


This workshop will enable you to:

  • Negotiate with suppliers requesting price increases
  • Plan for upcoming negotiations
  • Deploy a variety of persuasion methods
  • Manage the negotiating process
  • Build appropriate commercial relationships


Who should attend

Suitable for anyone wanting to enhance their negotiation skills. It will suit those who lead or participate in commercial negotiations, particularly in a procurement role.

Indicative content

Along with receiving a negotiation planning and management tool to ‘hardwire’ the lessons learned into practice.

The outline content includes how to:

1. Plan the negotiation and link objectives to the categorygoals

2. Set strategy, targets and tactics

3. Determine the balance of power to support whether to negotiate collaboratively or competitively

4. Manage the negotiation process including:

  •  Plan the agenda
  •  Develop questions
  •  Manage the opening
  •  Build rapport on Zoom or in the room
  •  Test assumptions and control information flows
  •  Develop proposals to link issues together
  •  Manage the personal and business dimensions of the relationship
  •  Manage communication with governance bodies and stakeholders


5. Persuade the other party:

  •  Reaching agreement
  •  Manage concessions
  •  Deal with an impasse


6. Deal with challenges such as:

  • Suppliers requesting price increases
  • Negotiating virtually, by email or by telephone
  • Tactics and ploys
  • When the other party says “No!”
  • Negotiate when you have no market power


7. How to avoid the top three mistakes negotiators make


One full day online (8 hrs)

Your trainer

Paul Rogers FCIPS is one of Australia’s leading independent procurement consultants and published author in negotiation. He has almost 40 years experience in procurement development and training work.


Negotiation for Procurement Professionals

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28 April, 6 September


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